Control anything with Google Assistant via MQTT

Control (almost) anything with Google Assistant™... using

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gBridge is... application, that provides a Bridge between Google Assistant smart home devices and MQTT, an open and available messaging protocol that is supported by many smart home applications and devices.

mic"Hey Google, set the ceiling light to 43%." arrow_forwardgBridge/u1/ceiling_light/brightness: 43

Since gBridge is an open source project, you can host it on your own systems. However, I recommend using gBridge as an inexpensive hosted service. This is a great way to support my work - and you don't have to care about updates, configuration, setup, ...

These device types can be controlled, many more will be added in the future.

  • lightbulb_outline Turning lights on and off, setting their brightness
  • power Turning outlets on and off
  • unfold_more Controlling switches
  • highlight Triggering scenes
  • ac_unit Controlling thermostats
  • ac_unit Controlling air conditioners
  • flag Controlling fans and sprinklers
  • lightbulb_outline Controlling color of lights

gBridge Free
  • Control up to 4 virtual devices
  • Try it out for free first
  • Lifetime membership
  • Community support
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gBridge Standard
  • Control unlimited virtual devices
  • Email support
  • Help us to improve this service
  • Monthly cancelable
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gBridge for Alexa
  • Control unlimited virtual devices
  • Email support
  • Help us to improve this service
  • Exclusive: Beta Access to the Alexa integration
Starting from 35,00€ *
Open Source Software

gBridge is an open source project. See the documentation for setup instructions or visit the project on Github.