Kappelt gBridge

Docker Compose File Generator

Select the adequate information for your environment, this script will generate a file for Docker Compose that suits your needs. Just run it - and you'll have a working gBridge instance.


Redis Cache

MQTT Server

Specify details for your own MQTT server. Leave the username/ password field empty if no authentication is required.

Google Project Settings

Specify details you've entered while creating a new smart home action in the Google Actions Console.

The Client ID is given in the account linking settings in the Google Actions Console.

The Google Project ID is shown in the project settings in the Google Actions Console.

A Homegraph Key can be generated in the Google Cloud dashboard after enabling the Homegraph API.

App Settings

Specify details about your application.

Enter the Laravel App Key you've used in a previous setup. Leave it empty if this is your first setup.

Select a port for the gBridge web interface to be available on.